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What is Driver First Assist?

driver first assistDriver First Assist was created with the help of the emergency services who continue to play a partnering role in the organisation.

Driver First Assist is an organisation of drivers who have been trained to provide life saving first aid prior to the arrival of emergency services at the scene of a road accident. (RTC).

Administering first aid immediately in the first moments following a road traffic accident can mean the difference between life and death.  50 % of deaths from road traffic accidents happen prior to the arrival of the emergency services and are often caused by breathing obstruction, blocked airways.  Something which with the correct knowledge, can be easily treated giving the injured party those few extra crucial moments before the emergency services are on scene and a chance for survival.

The sad fact is that in the event of an RTC, the target time for an ambulance to attend the scene is just 8 minutes...... but that is 4 minutes too late when a blocked airway can cause death in just 4 minutes.........

Our Driver First Assist Courses.

driver first assist courseOur DFA Courses will help you to gain the skills necessary to be able to administer potentially life saving first aid at the scene of an RTC prior to the ambulance or emergency services attending.  It is the same training that is given to the emergency services.

Our courses will enable you to be a member of the DFA once you have completed the course successfully and will count towards your Driver CPC Periodic Training if you are a coach, bus or truck driver.

The course duration is 7 hours (1 day)and is valid for 3 years after which you will need to take a refresher course to continue as a Driver First Assist member.  Taking refresher courses enable members of the DFA to keep abreast of the latest changes and advances in first aid training as practiced by professional emergency service personnel.

You will also receive your personal DFA Toolkit afterwards comprising of a first aid kit, a long sleeve high viz vest, ID card, indemnity insurance, key ring and a DFA window sticker,  which you can carry with you and may one day play a vital role in helping you to save someones life.

Knowledge is key in critical situations and this course could help you be the one person who can change the outcome at an RTC from the worst case scenario to a fighting chance.

Driver First Assist is a non profit making organisation.

For more information on the Driver First Assist courses which we provide, please give us a call............

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