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Road Haulage Consultancy Services

road haulage consultacyLet us take the stress out of organising your road haulage fleet with our road haulage consultancy services

Having served 22 years as a Traffic police officer I have extensive experience and qualifications regarding legislation and enforcement in the commercial vehicle sector. We are able to provide constructive advice and training to companies and drivers alike in regards to legal requirements, prohibitions and enforcement.

Fleet Driver Assessment

All employers have a ‘Duty of Care’ towards their employees. The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Management of Health and Safety at work Regulations 1992 then amended in 1999 states that the vehicle used to conduct any companies’ work is classed as a Place of Work.

In 2007 the Corporate Manslaughter Act was passed which states that if any company employs drivers that use the companies vehicle to conduct the companies work then the company and/or the driver could be held responsible for manslaughter if the relevant training was not provided to reduce the risk of an accident happening.

As an employer and/or Transport Manager you will want peace of mind that your employees are maintaining high standards in regards to the mechanical condition of their vehicle and that they are driving your vehicles to a high standard. Lets face it, they generally drive vehicles with company livery on them so they are ambassadors for your company and the high standards you wish to portray.

It is important for all drivers to develop the principles and ideas of defensive driving. These skills are key to making drivers correctly observe and react to what is happening on the road. It also covers the principles of having complete control of the vehicle at all times.

It is important that the position and speed being taken by the driver is safe, suitable to the road and traffic conditions, and ultimately using these techniques mean that the driver can adapt to changing road conditions with plenty of time to spare.

Not only does this give the benefit of improved fuel economy, but develops drivers skills promoting a positive and courteous attitude to other road users.

As part of our Road Haulage Consultancy Services, we also teach drivers to plan ahead, using prediction and timing to be at the right position on the road, while travelling at the right speed.

Part of the assessment we carry out is to individually determine the risk level of your drivers. This is done using 'on the road' training, and as part of our Road Haulage Consultancy Services we will produce an individual written report with recommendations of any training, if any, which should be conducted. An on road assessment session will be the best way to assess a driver, providing an accurate risk level.

At the end of the on the road session a full written report will be provided for each driver as part of our Road Haulage Consultancy Services to you. This is based on the individual performance and focuses on any areas, which need improvement. We will recommend whether a particular driver requires further training and in what areas. Copies of the Risk Assessment will also be supplied for your company records.

Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA)

Is your company concerned in the carriage of dangerous goods by road?

As part of our Road Haulage Consultancy Services, we can also provide this service if you are required to appoint a DGSA in the course of your business.

To discuss any of the services listed above in more detail or to find out more about our Road Haulage Consultancy Services and Packages. which are tailored to your individual business needs, please give us a call.

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